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Sympathy Gift Set / Those we have held in our arms

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We know how difficult it is to lose someone special. Whether it's a family member, close friend, or pet, the pain of loss can be overwhelming. So we've put together this special Sympathy Gift Set to help send warm hugs and express your condolences.

The set includes a cozy faux fur blanket, a 10" round sign with an inspirational message, a scented candle, and wood bead garland. We also personalize the card with your name so the recipient knows you're thinking of them during this difficult time.

Gift Set Includes

• Cozy Faux Fur Blanket with tag (Sending a warm hug so it's there when you need it)
• 10" Round Wood Sign (Those we have held in our arms for a little while we hold in our hearts forever)
• Calm Candle - Lavender & Sage
• Wood bead Garland with tag (forever in our hearts)
• Personalized card with a message sent by you