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Mom Garland with Jute Tassel

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Let's celebrate the moms in our lives. We are either fortunate to be one, know one, or dream of being one. Our heart mom wood bead garland is the perfect gift to show the special mom in our life we are still thinking about them. Or maybe you want to treat yourself and give yourself a daily reminder that you are a great mom doing your absolute best each and every day. Whichever is the case, this garland adds a special touch to your coffee table, tiered tray, vases, centerpieces, honestly just anywhere.

• Overall Length is 4 ft.
• Mom tag is 3 3/8 in height, 2 3/8 in width, 1/8 in depth
• Garland beaded area is 3 ft approx.
• Light unfinished wood hand-strung beads.
• Approx. 6-inch jute tassel on end.
• The bead strands are created to have some movement so that you can cross the strand easily.
• Handmade by a perfectionist with love but each garland may have some slight variations.

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